EASA Summer Conference - Edinburgh postponed

Due to Covid-19 coronavirus and following discussions at our very successful Spring Conference in Nottingham, sadly the Summer Conference planned for 26th to 28th June 2020 in Edinburgh has been postponed.  We are however continuing with the planning for this Conference to take place hopefully during the last weekend of June 2021. We shall continue to monitor the situation over the forthcoming months. 

The Spring Journal is now available to read online in the members area of the website following the recent postal issue, featuring reports form the Spring meeting along with articles about the 2019 Church Architecture Award winning entries and 'An Architect's Sketchbook: Shona R Mckay' (Pulham church, Norfolk by Shona R Mckay - above)

Covid 19 Advice.

Can we encourage you to visit the Coronavirus pages on the Church of England website which details arrangements for architects, surveyors and contractors to once more visit churches in the course of their work, providing they are able to do so safely. See https://www.churchofengland.org/more/media-centre/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-churches

CBC Equal Access Guidance

The Church Buildings Council is currently preparing a new guidance note about equal access.

They now need some illustrations. Can you think of any really good provisions for equal access that you have seen in a church of which you have a photo you can share. Although the most obvious things to spring to mind will be about good access to church doors and toilets, other examples, for example of good signage or particularly well set-up welcome or reception area would be useful too.

Also valuable would be stories people have of churches that have come to understand the importance of accessibility and changed their outlook on the issues.

Please click here to email any responses by 22nd August 2020


03.08.20 Update on CHB Journal Publication 

Members who, like me, have been wondering what has happened to their March-April, May-June and July-August editions of the CHB Journal will be interested to learn that all three issues have been held back by the onset of the Covid-19 lockdown back in March. Evidently the plan is now to send the March-April edition to the printers in the next couple of weeks, with a view to posting out around 20th August 2020, Andrea Black from the CHB office told me. So look out for the next edition in a couple of weeks’ time. Details of how the subsequent issues will catch up will be released later.


 Andrew Wood. EASA Hon. Meetings Secretary.



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COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) Update 18th May 2020

This is our seventh short note dedicated to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

1. The Government has set up a task force developing plans to re-open places of worship, and a press release is available following the first meeting. You can find out more on our website at http://www.hrballiance.org.uk/coronavirus/ (scroll down to News).

2. The deadline for completing the National Churches Trust survey on the impact of Coronavirus is Monday, 25 May. You can find this on our website at http://www.hrballiance.org.uk/coronavirus/ (scroll down to Calls for Evidence).

3. When places of worship re-open, some people may wish to make a cash donation which they have built up over the preceding weeks. This may take them over the standard £30 pounds limit of the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme. The Churches' Legislation Advisory Service has asked HMRC about this, and a potential solution has been found. This may need some prior explanation to donors. You can find out more on our website at http://www.hrballiance.org.uk/coronavirus/ (scroll down to News).

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